Self Care

You don’t have time for a Thai massage. You don’t feel like going to see a physical therapist. Your neck hurts and pain is radiating down your arm.
Your low back hurts and there’s pain deep in your gluteus. Maybe its your heals that throb even when you’re sitting around, or you have a persistent headache, shoulder discomfort, limited range of motion in a particular limb. Well guess what? ME TOO!

Torn muscles, degenerative disc disease, impinged nerves, chronic inflammation and obesity, cervical radiculopathy, plantar fasciaitis, knee pain from every angle, sprained ankles, muscle tightness and atrophy of every kind, sprained ligaments. If I haven’t felt it in my body I’ve worked with someone who has.

Scroll until you find the topic you need help with and explore them. Each topic may cover a variety of issues and strategies to address them. If you have any questions or need a specific issue addressed that isn’t covered here please reach out via my contact page.

The self care section, like the rest of my website is under constant construction.